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A New Approach to Piano Technique

Alan Fraser has combined his extensive concert and pedagogical experience, his longstanding collaboration with the virtuoso Kemal Gekich, and his professional training in the Feldenkrais Method to create this innovative approach to piano technique.

Guarantees improvement to all pianists

...from concert professionals, piano teachers and university students to mature beginning pianists and enthusiastic amateurs.

Combines the best of the finger action, arm weight and Russian schools and goes beyond them: returning to the innate structure and function of the human hand to unlock its potential for effective keyboard technique.

Fraser's analysis of how we do what we do at the keyboard clarifies enigmas that have challenged pianists for generations.

The 88 exercises

... draw on the classical repertoire, activating as-yet untapped functions of the human piano playing mechanism and leading to

  • improved digital dexterity
  • tonal variety
  • greater power without harshness
  • sensitivity and discrimination without weakness.

    They show how common keyboard movements are counterproductive, and how resolving these 'movement anomalies' can produce astonishing piano sonorities.

    Further exercises integrate this physical approach with musical and performance issues. Use this book to improve your own playing, and also to add a whole new dimension of effectiveness to your piano teaching.

    Addresses performance anxiety

    Designed to help both those seeking a new dimension of musical and pianistic understanding and students who need remedial work in basic keyboard prowess, The Craft of Piano Playing suggests that improved physical ability can free musical individuality to express itself more fully. It also offers an effective antidote to debilitating performance anxiety, increasing one's emotional security by providing a physical and musical basis for it. By filling in a missing link between intention and physical execution, this book truly aims to advance the "Craft of Piano Playing".

    Published in 2011. 504 pages.


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