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Skeletal Wisdom - Mind & Body Reunited in the Feldenkrais Method: The Inner Workings of Human Learning explains Feldenkrais to the lay person and is also of interest to practitioners looking for clear ways to talk about the Method. Includes sections on

  • Awareness Through Movement (ATM)
  • Functional Integration (FI)
  • the relationship of Feldenkrais to other bodywork modalities, and
  • a couple of chapters on Feldenkrais for musicians.

The Feldenkrais Method is unique among the bodywork modalities for several key reasons. This book zeroes in on the special neuromotor component of Feldenkrais that makes it such an effective tool for resolving movement disability issues, fine tuning artistic and athletic endeavour, and offering surprisingly effective improvement for that bad back that's been bugging you. Includes numerous photo illustrations and several sample ATM's.

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148 pages.


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