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Refine the Physical to Free Your Inner Musician:
Biotensegrity, the Inner Conductor, & Expressively Directed Micro-Timing at the Piano

Play the Piano with Your Whole Self takes the hand further than ever into organic, kinesthetic self-knowledge. Fraser's latest series of Feldenkrais-style Awareness Through Piano Movement lessons enhance both your physical prowess and the artistry and musicianship you bring to your instrument.

From the back cover:

"Playing the piano is first and foremost an artistic act, a musical process – yet we cannot avoid the physical element. This book dovetails the two. Every physical strategy improves how you shape phrases, highlight contrapuntal strands, create bold orchestrations, and inflect crisp, varied articulations – leading to a higher and richer musical expressivity."

"Playing the piano with your whole self, you feel better and the music sounds better. There is more of you connected to your instrument, and more sound emanating from the instrument. There is more communication. This is Embodied Piano Performance, your innate musicianship finding its fullest possible expression."

"Play the Piano with Your Whole Self is the fourth volume of Natural, Artistic Piano Playing, a group of books exploring the Feldenkrais Method as applied to piano technique. These books develop organically – first examining the structure and function of the pianist’s hand, then bringing it to a state of unstable equilibrium, then paying special attention to that structural conundrum, the thumb, and now exploring the inner workings of the hand on a deeper, more sensorial level to foster an ever-increasing prowess both musical and physical. With this series, Canadian pianist and pedagogue Alan Fraser has made a major contribution to the field of Piano Somatics, the art of conscious movement for enhanced piano artistry. "

This is an utra-high quality edition with large size pages and coated paper for the best possible photographic reproduction. The book is over a kilogram in weight, leading to an unforeseen problem with the Serbian Post Office: they are charging us over 30 euros to ship it. We have had to factor that cost into the price of the book, and we hope that this does not discourage you from acquiring Alan Fraser's masterpiece on Piano Somatics.

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