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The fourth volume of Alan Fraser's ongoing series on piano technique, Natural, Artistic Piano Playing. This book takes the hand and body further into organic, kinesthetic self-knowledge with a new series of Feldenkrais-style Awareness Through Movement lessons. These in turn influence the artistry and musicianship the pianist brings to his instrument.

Because publication of the book has been delayed, we are offering customers a pdf file of the original Word Document manuscript, with all musical examples and nearly all the photograph & diagram illustrations included. Customers who buy the pdf file now will be entitled to a 50% discount on the price of the published book when it appears.

Extensive sections on

  • biotensegrity
  • skeletal structure & elasticity
  • micromovement techniques
  • arm weight
  • the relationship between harpsichord & piano technique
  • Performance injury resolution
  • bringing expressively directed micro-timing to macro performance situations
  • whole body organization and spiritual elements in playing

This is the most complete and far-reaching of Fraser's books on piano technique yet, the fruit of five years' intense work with Phil Cohen and Kemal Gekic. Buy it today!

This book is available as a PDF file only, and will be emailed to you within 24 hrs of your purchase.


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