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MISTYLAND - Mayamisty Tiro

Biographical Notes

Maple Grove Music is proud to present our first ever non-classical music product. The Majamisty TriO explores the space beetween jazz and classical music, ocasionally expanding the possibilities of traditional piano oriented trio with additional voice, used as an instrument equal to others. Their lyrical music style has an origin in the author's long experience in classical music and affinity towards jazz, finding the original way of painting subtle moods and emotions.

During August 2010, the Majamisty TriO finished recording their debut CD "Mistyland" in the studio of the famed Serbian composer Boris Kovach. The album consists of 11 compositions, 10 by Maja Alvanovic, one by her father Blaza Alvanovic and a cover of Errol Garner's "Misty".

"Airy, graceful, intriguing music..." - Thomas Conrad ("Jazz Times").

"Quite dark and Nordic in feel, this music set the hairs on the back of your neck tingling..." - Tim Dickeson (Jazzontour blog)

"On the delightful Mistyland the Majamisty Trio brings innovative and stylish ideas to the piano trio format" - Bruce Lindsay (ALL ABOUT JAZZ).

They were voted "Video of the Day" by ALL ABOUT JAZZ - the most influential site about jazz on the web.

The Members of MajaMisty TriO:

Maja Alvanovic, piano, bandleader and composer

Ervin Malina - double bass player

Istvan Cik - drummer

Aleksandra Drobac - special vocal guest

Notable Performances:

2011 Belgrade Jazz Festival
2011 World Piano Conferention, Synagogue, Novi Sad
2011 Nisville Jazz festival
2010 The 26th Jazz Festival in Valjevo
2010 Jazz & Blues Festival „Geza Bala┼ż-Gari” - Kikinda
2010 Jazz Appreciation Month Novi Sad

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MajaMisty on Youtube

+381 (64) 163-7400

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